Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Personalized Weight Loss Coaching

When I was still working in school, one of the priest administrators, a friend of mine has a diabetes.  I believe he still has the health condition but he  is maintaining certain medications   for it. He said that  having a diabetes is  very hard because you can't  really eat whatever you want, you have to watch out your diet and everything.   

Anyhow, one of the members in the group that I am in  has a diabetes and  she shares her experiences  about  it at her blog.  She  also mentioned the  Dukan Diet type 2 diabetes diet plan that she recently looked at.  I also read a very good review about this diet for people with Type 2 Diabetes .  The said diet has four phases which include the following:
  1. Phase 1 is Attack where a kick start of the diet  focuses on the protein.
  2. Phase 2 is  Cruise - The protein on the first phase will be gradually replaced by  32 kinds of vegetables.
  3. Phase 3  is Consolidation  -   On this stage, you will be reintroduced to the  previous  foods that you were restricted to eat  from the previous phases.
  4. Permanent Stabilization This is now the adaptation of what you have learned of eating healthy.
If you want to learn more about the diet plan, you should check out the website by visiting the  links I have provided above.  Losing weight even when you don't have health issues is hard  and it is harder when you have  health issues.  That is  why a unique personalized weight loss coaching from a professional is  a must.  The diet  will be designed according to your body needs, of what your body can take, and how it will react to certain diet plan.  

I remember  when I was in my twenties, I gained weight and I felt like I was the heaviest person in the world.  I began a drastic  change into my eating habits without consulting a doctor and I ended up in the hospital.  From then on, I promised myself not to go back of my poor  eating habits and  gain weight.  I watch what I eat now and  do regular exercise.  It is better to stay fit because not only you feel good about yourself but you also influence  positive vibes to the people around you.


  1. I will just comment here, since ang comment na ako sa isa.

    I think having diabetes or other medical problems, people need a personal food coach, that way they can avoid what is bad for them. Just like my mom has diabetes and right now, we don't know what she can and can't eat. Thanks for this info.

  2. All of these looks yummy and what our body needs. I don't feel guilty about not giving my body a full nutrients because i do it now through my smoothies.

  3. My MIL has diabetes and I'm afraid my husband is catching up with her too. We tried joining fitness gym with a professional trainer for a month but didn't work very well. It is important to be a good motivator when it comes to helping family and friends who has that illness.


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