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Friday, May 3, 2013

Soldier Boy

Children's imagination  is very funny sometimes.  My son in particular would always  gather things and put it in a backpack or a box and he calls it survival kit.    Inside the  bag or box, you would find band aid, alcohol,  whistle, compass and other things including food.  Then he would demonstrate how he would  survive just in case a bad guy or an animal would attack him.  It is hilarious to watch  him.  
He always wear his Dad's military hat and he would  announce that the "Soldier Boy" is arriving.


  1. from the sound of it, it looks like you have a little soldier in the making! :)

    children do have the wildest imagination + it is really a must for us parents to encourage them as they immensely learn from this, too!

  2. What a cutie!! Looks like you have a military man in the making there.

  3. He's so funny indeed. I always find my son being so funny too. He must looking up to his dad for being in a military because he loves to be one someday.

  4. our children draws their inspirations from us, now you can see some future with your son sis.

  5. Kids look up to us parents when it comes to envisioning what they want to be.

  6. your kid is s cute. My son on the other hand is fascinated with firemen. and pretends to be one.:)

  7. He is such a handsome soldier boy. Sis, ang bilis talaga nila lumaki.

  8. hehehhe that's cute. well at least he will know what to do when there's emergency

  9. I ca say he is a cutie... looks like he will follow the footsteps of his dad and grandpa..

  10. Yes kids got the wildest imagination can ever have.. Sometimes they pretend this and the next thing you know it comes another character, thought the cutest thing! LOL


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