Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Key to Finding the Right Gym for You

Lots of people struggle to commit to their gym membership and end up wasting their contract or cancelling it early as they attend so infrequently. There are lots of common pitfalls when it comes to choosing a gym, and avoiding these makes it much more likely that you’ll actually stick to your fitness plan and carry on using your gym. Ask yourself a few key questions before you sign up to make sure you’ll be in the best possible position to use it effectively.
“Where is the gym?”

If your gym is halfway across town, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to make the journey. If you live in Brighton, for example, make sure you find a nearby gym in Sussex rather than one far away. Ideally, you should find a gym within a 15 minute travel of your starting point. Even better is one within walking distance of your home or workplace. This means you can warm up by jogging to the gym, and it keeps you gently moving on the walk home so your muscles don’t seize up.

“What contract can I afford?”

Just because it’s more cost-effective to agree to a two year contract, if it costs more than you can afford overall, opt for the shorter contract. If you’re often away from home for work, a pay-as-you-go scheme or a pay monthly rolling contract can offer you more flexibility. Some gyms include the cost of classes or use of spa facilities in their membership fee, so bear this in mind when comparing prices. No-frills memberships can be less than £20 a month if you’re on a tight budget.

“Which facilities will I use?”

If you love swimming, don’t feel inclined to opt for a cheaper gym just for the sake of saving a few pounds a month. Equally, don’t pay for a contract which includes classes if you only want to use the gym equipment. 

“What are the other members like?”

In a gym situation, it’s important to be with other people in the same situation as you. Whether it’s people of the same age or the same fitness level, it’s far less intimidating to work out with people like you than an entire room full of gym bunnies who know a treadmill like the back of their hand.  If you want to find a suitable gym, ask your friends which gyms they use for the best indication of the gyms who will be able to offer you the best service for what you want to get out of your workout.

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